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The Spectrum LED™ Advantage •••••••

LED is the next frontier in lighting, and USD is leading the way. Universal Sign & Display LED fascia and retrofit programs provide high impact branding with minimal maintenance. Long service life and high energy efficiency lowers your utility costs, replacement and maintenance costs, while dramatically enhancing the look of new and existing fascia.


  • Bright, vivid, uniform illumination
  • Highest level of quality and durability available
  • UV Resistant
  • No UV or IR emission so bugs are not attracted as with traditional fluorescents
  • Exceptional performance in harsh conditions
  • Over molded design protects circuitry and connections
  • Constant current driven so each LED is illuminated as bright a the first


Saving with Spectrum LED™
Spectrum LED™ is driven at less than 50% design load for maximum LED life, so not only does your illuminated fascia and signage have a smooth, uniformly lit appearance, it's saves you money in both longevity and lowered maintenance.

Let us show you how much you can save with Spectrum LED™. Contact us today and a USD representative will calculate the savings you will see with LED.

USD is your LED solution, offering complete concept design, manufacturing, mechanical, electrical, & LED integration. Let USD develop an illuminated fascia program that draws new customers in while saving you money. Get a free quote now >>

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